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healing mini-retreats for the mind, body & soul

Founder, United Healing Sanctuary

Meet Monica

Hello, my name is Monica and I am the founder  of  

United Healing Sanctuary (UHS).

At United Healing Sanctuary, we nurture mental and physical well-being along with personal growth. We bring together heart-centered dialogue and meaningful activities in a warm, secular, and nourishing space. 


Years of self-study, research, and practical experience with meditation, positive psychology, mindful art, neuroplasticity,

well-being, nutrition, and quantum healing have gifted me with invaluable tools and knowledge. This has empowered me with resilience and purpose. 

I feel blessed to share my insights and support others in discovering greater fulfillment and joy in their lives.

Monica Patel, Founder United healing Sanctuary

"This testimonial is to confirm that during the years that she lived in Jakarta Mrs. Monica Patel took great interest in the welfare of underprivileged Indonesian children. She made greeting cards and sold them amongst the expatriate community in order to raise
money to donate to various causes, including a student sponsorship program that I coordinated for The Australia and New Zealand Association (ANZA).

Through the sale of her hand-made cards, Monica was able to sponsor the education of up to 5 children
for several years between 2012 and 2018. ANZA's student sponsorship program enabled hundreds of children to remain in school every year due to the care and generosity of sponsors. Through her fundraising efforts, Monica also made donations to charities supported by Jakarta Intercultural School, to a local school in Cisarua, West Java, as well the Mount Merapi volcano fund, and to victims of a typhoon in the Philippines, as well as the tsunami in Japan through the Japanese Embassy in Jakarta as well as

Red Cross. In the past, Monica has raised funds for HIV mothers and Salaam Baalak Trust in Mumbai." 

Marilyn Ardipradja
ANZA Student Sponsorship Coordinator 1988-2018

Our Offerings

We offer a rejuvenating mini-retreat experience through our offerings. A portion of our proceeds is donated to Star Shelter, which provides refuge to victims of domestic abuse in Singapore.
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