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Meet the Founder

My name is Monica and I reside in Singapore. I am a wife and mother to two lovely daughters.

My path has been guided by a passion for art, creativity, and community service, which I rediscovered during my transition from a career woman to an expat parent.

I began my deeply transformative meditation journey in 2003 under the guidance of a wise yoga teacher and I have had the fortune of being guided by several masters and mentors including my exceptional Reiki Master, Marilyn Ardipradja. Meditation has helped me cultivate a sense of clarity, gratitude, and groundedness.

Besides meditation, my heartfelt research in areas such as positive psychology, well-being, neuroplasticity, and quantum healing has empowered me with stability and purpose.


I would like to express deep gratitude to

my late dad, and my mother for being an anchor, my incredible children, and my soulmate-like friends who played a crucial role in founding the

United Healing Sanctuary.

A special acknowledgment to

the late Sumitro Sengupta for his priceless inputs.

An additional thank you to Anjali of IdeaX Creative Labs for adeptly translating our vision into reality with her exceptional design expertise and unwavering patience.

Monica Ptel, Founder United Healing Sanctuary
My Healing Journey

In 2020, at the height of Covid,

I was diagnosed with Oral Lichen Planus, a rare autoimmune condition.

The practice of meditation, mindfulness and my extensive

research in positive psychology, nutrition, and quantum healing have helped me tremendously.


Now, I empower others on their wellness journey through the insights and tools I offer at UHS.

A little peek into my life

Growing up in a secular armed forces environment in India fostered my creativity and out-of-the-box thinking.

Seeing my mother generously share her time and talents with the families of soldiers left a lasting impression on me. This inspired me to study Sociology Honours and Psychology followed by a postgrad diploma in Journalism.

I have worked in industries spanning from hospitality and marketing to fashion design and merchandising.

Community Service

Since 2004, I have channeled my passion for creating professional handmade greeting cards to fundraise for women's and children's causes in Mumbai, Jakarta, and Singapore as well as natural disasters in several countries. Besides, I have fundraised for ANZA's scholarship program in Jakarta.

Over the years, I have hosted mindful card-making workshops and facilitated interfaith festivities including Christmas, Diwali, Hari Raya, and Hanukkah in international schools.


Additionally, I have facilitated informal interfaith gatherings and discussions for parents.


I am grateful to volunteer at the Star Shelter and the Lutheran Community Care Services (LCCS) in Singapore.

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